I will open the book…

After more than a year without posting anything, for thousands assignments, work, literally no life at all. I have decided to come back to my blog and give it a light! After all this time, I am ready to tell you my experience as a Ecuadorian International Student in London…

london bridge

Studying and working in London has been the most challenging things I have done in my whole life, well, I am just 30! But obtained that Master Degree has been a BIG satisfaction.  But to get to that point I had to go though many things, but here I am, ready to give many tips for you, so you can survive just as I did.

When I was little, my parents always told me that the right path is not always the easy one, and London is not easy… but is totally worth it!  If you have the opportunity to study outside the country, what I recommend is that you must apply for a degree in UK or USA and you will not regret your decision.  Moreover, if I could be part of a political position in my country, I would love to help young people to study English and support them to travel outside the country and bring their new ideas for the country progress, as well as is happening in Europe and USA.

london city

No, I am not selling myself for a political position.  I just want to tell you my experience as a student in London, I know that can help you a lot…. My energy is 100% so I have a lot to tell! Enjoy it 🙂

New York and Its great Loss!


kate spade I
Yesterday a notice shudder to the world, and it was the suicide of the famous designer Kate Spade.

Kate Spade, who founded a 2.4 billion clothing and accessories empire, has found dead in her Manhattan home in a suspected suicide.

She leaves behind a design legacy that included 140 retail shops and outlet stores and more than 175 stores internationally, in addition to the iconic handbags that launched her career.

kate spade iii

Born in Kansas City, Missouri, Spade graduated in 1985 with a journalism degree from Arizona State University and then backpacked around Europe.

The next year, she moved to New York and worked as a temp before finding a job at Conde Nast, in the accessories department at Mademoiselle magazine. She started as an assistant.  She rose to become the accessories director of the magazine.

London, one of the most important fashion capitals, has her brand.  I use her wallets and bags, my mother and sister too.  It is so sophisticated and elegant, it is a great loss for everyone, it had an exceptional taste. RIP KATHERINE NOEL BROSNATHAN.

kate spade II
Being in London, you will understand the importance of dressing and presenting yourself well, but also knowing about the history of the designers that created the brand, in London people know a lot about the issue here, and it is very interesting to know the background of what you are using.



Overthinking is Overrated in London…

‘If we spend too much time thinking about a thing, you will never get it done’

Before finishing my engineering, I was always clear that I wanted to continue preparing myself in terms of my background.  I have to admit that this had a BIG influence on my decision, because I have family and friends in the United States and Europe and they always told me about their masters and also my dad always recommended me that in order to have a good future we should not stop preparing.

To be honest, once I finish my engineering, I found a person with whom I started to get along very well and good and I fell in love, and that made me ‘delay’ the decision to study the master (you know that one at that time is very sentimental and we think that everything its forever!).  I worked for three years in a multinational company, and there I realized that its really extremely necessary to continue preparing to be able to grow.

When I was sure I already wanted to study, I found out about options in Ecuador, United Stated and United Kingdom.  Completely ruled out the possibility of studying in Ecuador for the costs, it seemed to me that it was not justifiable to study in  your own country, when you can study abroad in an excellent university for the same price even better ranked, if you give good admission exams of course!

One of the most convenient options for cost was Spain, but I was determined to study in another language and I wanted to improve my English so I was between the United States and England.  I found many good options in the United States, even with my dad I went to visit them, but the problem was that I was just going to study, and  also wanted to work.


I started taking courses to be able to take exams like the TOEFL and the IELTS, which are necessary to be admitted to any university, and well at first I did not succeed.  I found the first challenge there, and my dad was always my support and He was the one who told me, it doesn’t matter, you have to try again and this time you will do better.  I spend a month with the help of my father studied the IELTS, day and night, and I took 8 out of 9 in the exam, with that score I could enter any university in the United Kingdom. I just went to take the exam to see how I was doing, I gave my best and I got the score, and I just let the opportunities and things happen, from there I started to contact the universities, it was really a long process.

Although it is true, there were many doubts about all this, to leave my whole life in Ecuador, to leave my beautiful country.  But I guarantee that this experience will not only help you on a professional level but also on a personal level too.  Never thing that something can go wrong to leave a time of your comfort zone to prepare, in fact, that’s the best thing you can do to growth! Just make sure its to out to study, to learn, because if its to travel, you can do it from Ecuador.  There is nothing more valuable than to continue studying, keep learning and keep preparing, it is the only way that will take you further, and that is what has happening to me, and I can guarantee that with a lot of hard word, you will be able to achieve what you want. But I also guarantee that it will not be easy, and that everything will depend on you,  whatever the situation may be, wherever you go!







The Majestic Wembley…!!

Arriving in London and finding out about all its stadiums is typical of the UK! So get ready to take a tour in its fascinating stadiums that have a lot of history, now I will talk about Wembley.

wembley stadium

Wembley is an area of northwest London, England, and part of the London Borough of Brent. It is home to the Wembley Arena and Wembley Stadium.

Wembley is part of both HA0 and HA9 post codes,  and has its own post code. It includes Alperton, Preston, North Wembley, South Kenton, Tokyngton, Wembley Park and partly of Sudbury and Northwick Park.

Stations in the area are:

The position of  Wembley Park on the Metropolitan line and the suburban development of the surrounding area following the British Empire Exhibition has ensured that Wembley remains an integral part of Metro-land in the popular imagination.

The prime landmark is  Wembley Stadium, rebuilt 2003-2007 at a cost of £827 million, which is approached via the White Horse Bridge designed by the London Eye architects. Nearby is the SSE Arena, a Grade II-listed concert venue built in 1934 as the Empire Pool, a multi-use facility built for the 2nd Empire Games.

Wembley has two local non- League football clubs, Wembley F.C. and South Kilburn F.C., that both play at Vale Farm stadium in nearby Sudbury.

There once were two golf clubs in Wembley. Wembley Golf Club, founded in 1896, was situated north of the Metropolitan Railway line in what is now the Fryent Country Park.  The club closed in the late 1920s. Wembley Park Golf Club was founded in 1912 in Sir Edward Watkin’s Wembley Park pleasure gardens, improving on the 9-hole course that had opened, along with Watkin’s Wembley Park, in 1896. The course itself became the site of the British Empire Exhibition.

wembley area

I have attended three matches since I’m here in London, one of them played Manchester where a famous Ecuadorian player plays, Luis Antonio Valencia Mosquera, commonly known as Antonio Valencia, is a professional footballer who plays as a right- back and also the vice-captain for Manchester United and the Ecuador National Team.

antonio valencia

The truth is that I has never been so fanatic of football, when I was so little my dad always took me to the stadiums, and good as I found the pleasure thanks to him.  Since I have been here in London, the fanaticism that the English people have for football is indescribable, and my knowledge about football has advanced a lot thanks to thousands of conversations I have had with several english people.  They speak so gladly about football that the only thing you want is to investigate and know more, even to have a conversation topic!  I will enlist all the stadiums because when my dad comes to visit me, he wants to go there and I can’t say no hahaha.

I hope you have loved my post! I have to tell you a thousand more things.

Have a lovely and beautiful day 🙂 We are sooo lucky to be here in London guys!!

The Royal Family!!

meghan y harry

We recently had a very happy day in UK, the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry with Meghan Markle.

harry and megan

When you arrive in London, you will see in every corner of this beautiful city, that people only talk about royalty, because it is something very important here in the UK and they are very well received by all, and as you will have a lot of time to live Here, it is interesting to know the history of them, because they have museums and they are very interesting

The British Royal Family comprises Queen Elizabeth II and her close relations. There is no strict legal or formal definition of who is or is not a member of the British royal family.

The state duties and staff of some members of the royal family are funded from a parliamentary annuity, the amount of which is fully refunded by the Queen to the Treasury.

In 2014 the royal family were regarded as British cultural icons, with young adults from abroad naming the family among a group of people that they most associated with UK culture.

This is a list of members of the royal family as of 2018:

When I was very little I was always with my mom, and I saw how she always read news about Princess Diana, and from there I followed her, I always found it very interesting and  very elegant woman.  In the next days I will go to an event about history how she dressed and I will write about it.

princess diana

Netflix has released a very interesting serie about the history of British Royalty, it is called “The Crown”, tells you the whole story about how it all started, if you love history, it is a must to see!



I hope you have enjoyed this article, soon I will publish more about the incredible museums that you find in London

London and National Insurance Number!

“If you’re born without wings, don’t do anything to stop them from growing.”

“Gabrielle Chanel”

Once you arrive in London, and you have your residence (you get it in a post code), the most urgent thing you should do is take out your NIN number, in order to work in the United Kingdom, I’ll tell you the steps:

You need to apply by phone for a National Insurance number.

National Insurance number application line
Telephone: 0800 141 2075
Textphone: 0800 141 2438
Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm

Welsh language: 0800 141 2349
Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 5pm


National Insurance number interview

Jobcentre Plus may write to you and ask you to come to an interview where you’ll be asked about your circumstances and why you need a National Insurance number.

The letter will also tell you which documents to bring to prove your identity, such as:

  • passport or identity card
  • residence permit
  • birth or adoption certificate
  • marriage or civil partnership certificate
  • driving licence

You’ll be told at the interview how long it’ll take to receive your National Insurance number.

If you change your address before you receive it, tell the Department for Work and Pensions by contacting the National Insurance number application line.

National Insurance number application line
Telephone: 0800 141 2075
Textphone: 0800 141 2438
Find out about call charges


This is the conversation you will have over the phone when you request your appointment


1. Morning, XXX speaking, how can I help?

Hello, I would like to apply for my National Insurance Number.

2. Ok, are you in the UK at the moment?


3. Perfect. Have you applied before?

No, it is the first time.

4. Ok, so why do you need the National Insurance Number please?

I am looking for a job and I need the number to work.

5. No problem. What nationality are you?


6. Do you have any other nationalities?


7. How long have you been here? When did you come to the UK?

A fews day ago / Last week / Two weeks ago

8. Ok. So what is your surname please? Your last name?


9. Ok. What is your date of birth please?

I was born on April the 9th of 1991.

10.Ok. What is your first name please?

Your Name

11. Ok. And your post code please?


12. Ok. And what is your address please?

Wood Green….

13. Thank you. And have you got a contact telephone number please?


14. Thank you. So, are you looking for a job at the moment?


15. And do you have any disabilities or health problems?


16. Ok. So I just need to give you a reference number first of all for your application, so if you will like to write down this number please?


17. The reference number is: XXX


18. So I am going to look up now to what appointments we have available, ok? So just one moment please.


19. The nearest place you can have the appointment done is the job centre in XXX.


20. The next available appointment we have is on the XXX at XXX


21. Do you know where the Job Centre in XXX is? Or would like the address?

Yes please, tell me the address.

22. The post code is XXX and the address is XXX.

Ok, thank you.

23. Ok, when you go there you have to bring along with your passport and a proof of address, and anything that you have from where we can get your identity.

Ok, no problem.

24. So just to remind you, the appointment will be on the XXX at XXX in the Job Centre in XXX, is that ok?

Yes, it is ok.

25. Ok perfect. Thank you for your call. Bye.


I hope you find all this information very useful, I wish you all the success of the world in the application of your work here in London, because everything is possible here and you can get the job you want.!

Arriving in London!

I Know!! to arrive in a country totally different from yours is something difficult, even worse if you are alone. The moment you land in London, this is the first thing you must do, in order to establish yourself in the best way in London.

  1. To change your money to pounds, go to a Post Office, they are going to offer you the highest change,  if you do it at the airport, you will lose a lot of money.  Here you can also register to get your resident card, with all the papers that the embassy has given to you.

post office

2.  Buy the oyster card at the airport, so you can take the tube to go where you are staying, do not take uber, it will be very expensive and you are going to lose money.

oyster card


3.  At the airport you can buy a chip so you can be connected and you can be located in London, remember to immediately download Cittymapper so you can get to the places you plan to visit.

citymapper limited


4. If you can, visit your university, so you can have a letter to open a bank account, this process takes about three weeks depending on the bank you choose! that is why it is very important that you approach immediately and take your appointment and you can have your account, without the bank account you can not work in London.


5. You must call the number 0800 141 2075, there they will indicate all the steps to follow and you must indicate that you need an appointment to get your NIN number, they will notify you the steps to follow depending on your case and you can apply to receive this number. It is very important that you do it,  as soon as possible!  It takes around three weeks for this number to reach you, without this, you will not be able to work in London.

nin number


6. I recommend you download the application SPAREROOM. What happens most in London, and do not go scare, is that you move all the time! The most expensive is the rent in London, so you will always find better places to live and cheaper.  You should arrive as comfortable as you can and be willing to move every two or three months.


Once you have all this, prepare to enjoy and survive in the wonderful city of London, although it is true that it will be different and sometimes a little hard, but it is surely an unforgettable experience! I hope you use my article a lot and if you have any suggestions do not forget write and wait for more posts that I have a lot to tell!  Have a great day!