About Dayra

Hi guys, my name is Dayra, I’m a girl from Guayaquil-Ecuador, and now I’m living in the wonderful city of London, studying my master in Business with International Management at Northumbria University in London campus and also working around UK.  I decided to share my whole experience in this wonderful city ​​from the first day I arrive, so do not miss everything I have to tell. I hope to help all those who decide to come and live in this beautiful city and help them to make their stay the best.

I am looking through my Blog that people can meet me, my tastes, preferences, the country where I come from, as a Latina whats represents me, and the great challenge that as a Latin-American woman faces coming to the first world alone and all opportunities that I find.

I also seek to share all the information of all the brands that I love in London, support their promotion and what I like as a Latina living in London.  I also seek to show the brands we have in Ecuador, and find possible businesses between ECUADOR- LONDON (UK).

You can write me giving me your opinions and what do you expect from this blog.  So, Enjoy it! 

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