Feeling lost in London..? Citymapper will help you!

When I arrived in London, I felt completely lost.  I arrived with three more Ecuadorians and one of them is an expert in technological and digital issues, and he was the one who showed me how to use Citymapper (of which I am eternally grateful)

Citymapper is a public transit app and mapping service.  It integrates data for all urban modes of transport, from walking and cycling to driving, with an emphasis on public transport. It operates by free mobile app and a desktop website, in competition with Google Maps.

logo citymapper

So many questions, so little time…

I believe that you should have all (preferably real-time) data about using your city readily available on your smartphone, with the best design possible, personalised to you, so that you focus on experiencing your city rather than trying to survive it.

Citymapper started in London, which it calls “the world’s most historic and iconic public transport city”, presumably in reference to the London Underground (the Tube) and the double-decker red bus (the Routemaster). Its second city was New York, and it now covers cities on every inhabited continent except Africa. Its headquarters are in London, on the South Bank, close to City Hall, where the Greater London Authority. (which has responsibility for Transport for London ) is based.

Citymapper logo.png
Developer(s) Citymapper Limited
Stable release
6.25 (iOS)
6.28 (Android)
Operating system AndroidiOSMobile Web
Type GPS navigation software
Alexa rank Increase 18,916 (November 2017)[1]
Website citymapper.com

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